/’red.dored-doh. n. 1 return; restore; deliver| pay back| render| give back. <Latin>                2 Create Love • Inspire Design

The idea for Reddo Designs is simple, create unique handmade furniture through innovative design using sustainable or salvaged materials, and give back a substantial portion of proceeds to organizations working around the world.

Not only will your purchase from Reddo Designs have a serious impact on various groups around the world, you will be purchasing a quality piece of furniture at an affordable price. All of the designs you will find on our site are for sale, but we would love the opportunity to design you a piece that specifically meets your needs. We can take any of our existing designs and tailor them to your needs or collaborate with you to make your vision come life!

Look under the “projects” tab to learn more about some of our limited run product lines that are being sold to help specific projects reach their funding goals! Check out the “about” section to learn more about why we are dedicated to social responsibility and unique design.